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Main Benefits

1OC.com Software Factory offers the following advantages:

The best price/functionality ratio in the market, which is proof of our efficient processes.
Optimum resource availability and application with economies of scale, through multiple projects.
Technological specialization and use of all disciplines required in IT projects.
Maximum productivity based on agile and proven methodologies, with the support of formal processes

Development of quality software, while complying with deadlines, scope and budget.

Are you looking for modern IT solutions to make you stand out in the market with no technological factors preventing the development of your business?
Would you like the development and maintenance components in your IT budget to be equally foreseeable and optimum in terms of added value?
Do you need timely delivery for your requirements relative to development and maintenance applications, without exceeded budgets and missed deadlines?
Does the quality of development services at your company imply technological risk for your business operations?

1OC.com Software Factory is ideal for ensuring compliance with specifications on time and within budget.

Main features

1OC.com Software Factory proposes a partnering scheme where the services offered are sized to large-scale consumers in the global market. The services provided are based on a model of processes that perfectly combines development in the field and development done remotely.
Managing Demand

All teams need a good bench to rely on. Without having to invest in training to keep up with the latest technologies, or staff to cover spikes in demand, let the software factory be your technical.

Having a software construction factory of your own represents a vital competitive advantage to allow highest-quality response in the provision of applications and components built in any language and/or platform.

Modern applications are build with high-level components, on the basis of an increasingly complex and diverse technology stacks (Data Warehouse, Workflow, Web 2.0, Mobile Integration, XML, Webservices, etc.). All this requires different levels of specialization that are not always part of the technical resources of an organization.

With 1OC.com Software Factory, customers have the option to supplement their specialization with full solutions that offer the highest degree of technology.

Our unique technologies, along with our highly qualified technicians source d both regionally and internationally, have enable us to become a highly competitive and cost effective resource for any development.


Standard Development Technologies

In our developments, we use the software technologies most innovative and renowned in the market.


Execution Platforms

Java, Microsoft.NET, Pocket PC, Android, iOS, Blackberry.

Operating Systems

IBM OS/400, Linux, Unix, AIX, Windows NT/20XX Servers, Mac Servers, Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry and iPhone.


Java, ASP, .NET, Visual Basic (ASP), HTML, WebServices, PHP.

Databases (DBMS)

IBM DB2, Informix, MicrosoftSQL Serfer, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL


GeneXus, Java, C#, COBOL, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Ruby, PHP.

Web Servers

Microsoft IIS, Apache, WebSphere, etc.

Multiple Architectures

Architectures that are multiple-layer, web-based, Client/Server and centralized (IBM System i).

Workflow and Business Intelligence Tools

Solutions for Reporting, Data Warehousing and Workflow for all servers supported.

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